Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD) Co Ltd based in Grodzisk Mazowiecki was established on December 22, 2000 as a company with 100% PKP SA share in seed capital (until  August 13, 2008  the name of the company was „PKP Warsaw Commuter Railway” Co Ltd). WKD economic activity began on July 1, 2001. It was the first stage of ownership transformation.

Shortly after taking over the WKD by PKP SA has been announced a tender for sale of the Company, which won the Consortium of Local Government. The consortium consisted of: Provincial Self-Government of Mazowieckie, the City of Warsaw (eventually resigned from the acquisition of its shares), Pruszków, Grodzisk Mazowiecki Commune, Brwinów Commune, Milanówek Commune, Podkowa Leśna and  Michałowice Commune.

On September 27, 2007 the agreement came to live and since that moment WKD became property of Local Government.

The core business of Warsaw Commuter Railway is organizing passenger transport on WKD line by the developed timetable on the rout: Warsaw Downtown WKD – Grodzisk Mazowiecki Radońska with a branch line in Podkowa Leśna to Milanówek.

One of the  area of WKD core business is also infrastructure management, on which the transport is organized.

WKD operates on the basis of obtained licenses and certificates in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Owned licenses:

  1. License No. WPO/043/2004 for execution of railway passenger transport.
  2. License No. WPR/042/2004 for execution of railway goods transport.

Safety certificates:

  1. For railway infrastructure manager for the proper maintenance of railway infrastructure and railway traffic safety.
  2. For the rail carrier for the safe railway transport and the safe exploitation of rail vehicles.
  3. Other certificates of release to service railway vehicles.

The company’s mission is to provide transport services on WKD line of the highest quality, meeting customer expectations, and so fast, comfortable and safe carriage of passengers.

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Warsaw Commuter Railway Sp. z o.o.
TEL. (22) 755-55-64
FAX (22) 755-20-85

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