On 15-16th of November 2011 the representatives of the Warsaw Commuter Rail were invited by the Swiss Party to participate in a study visit to learn about a set of issues regarding organization and operations of the local public transport implemented in the territory of Switzerland – in the Region of Zurich. The following issues were discussed during the visit:

  1. Organization of public transport in the Canton of Zurich - the participants and the decision path (ZVV – Zürcher Verkehrsverbund);
  2. Currently implemented projects to the extent of the development of local rail infrastructure in the Region of Zurich: Glattalbahn and Limmattalbahn;
  3. Support for people with disabilities in rail transport, especially those moving on wheelchairs (the main railway station in Zurich served as the example of good practices):
  • specifically designed platforms,
  • specifically designed waiting areas,
  • special equipment to help overcome the difference in height between the platform and the train,
  • travel assistants.
  1. Passenger car-rental system;
  2. Organization of large bicycle parking spaces;
  3. Organization of public transport in the Canton of Aargau – the cities of Lenzburg and Brugg served as the examples of good practices;
  4. Regional rail infrastructure, the railway line Lucerne – Lenzburg and a changing halt in the town of Seon served as the examples of good practices;
  5. Modernization of the railway station and reconstruction of the vicinity in order to maximize the space available for public transport – Lenzburg served as the example of good practices.


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