On 24 January 2013 a celebration of the 85th anniversary of the start of passenger carriages on the Warszawa – Grodzisk Mazowiecki WCR lines took place. The anniversary of the line opening was on 11 December 2012. After the welcoming all gathered people and occasional speeches by invited guests there was a film describing the set up and development of the Warsaw Commuter Rail, concluding with the investment priorities planned for the very near future. Among the current priorities, the most important is the project executed with the cooperation of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme. Under this project by the end of 2015 the WCR line shall be equipped with a modern Passenger Information and Monitoring System while the rolling stock fleet will be supplemented with 6 new vehicles.

The ceremony was also an occasion to honour the Warsaw Commuter Rail with the commemorative Order “Pro Mazovia” while meritorious employees were honoured by the Marshal of Mazovian Voivodeship with Diplomas of Merit.

Warsaw Commuter Rail, established on 22 December 2000, is the first among PKP Group, 100 percent privatised passenger rail carrier. The new owners of WCR are the Local Government of Mazovian Voivodeship (majority owner) and six communes on whose territory the WCR line is located.

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