Launching the tender procedure equal to publishing the announcement of the order in the Supplement  to the Journal of European Union, on 29.11.2013, under the number 2013/S 232-402343, was possible by the power of the notice for publication sent on 27.11.2013 according to the Directive 2004/18/EC. The deadline for filing offers is calculated from the day of sending the notice for publication, i.e. 60 working days and it expires on 25.02.2014 at 10:00. The date of opening offers is fixed on 25.02.2014, at 10:30.

The Object of the Contract besides the delivery of six new electric multiple traction units of one type, designed to perform the passenger rail transport in the Warsaw agglomeration includes:

  • the provision of maintenance services for a period of six months from the date on which each vehicle meets the requirements of the Documentation of System Maintenance,
  • the training of personnel designated by the Contracting Authority within the scope of operation by maintaining levels of P1, P2, P3, and current maintenance of the rolling stock, resulting in the issuance of an indefinite certificate authorizing the Contracting Authority to perform these activities independently or under the supervision of a representative of the Contractor (during the warranty period).

Place of delivery and collection of vehicles shall be the Registered Office of the WKD (Warsaw Commuter Railway Ltd). The delivery of vehicles will take place at the expense and risk of the Contractor.

Vehicles delivery will take place as follows:

  • the launch: not later than 18 months since the date of signing the Contract Agreement with the Contractor,
  • the completion: not later than 24 months since the date of signing the Contract Agreement with the Contractor.

The detailed schedule, with specified dates of vehicles delivery, shall be agreed between the Contracting Authority and Contractor before signing the Contract Agreement while observing the following conditions:

  • first vehicle delivery – not later than 18 months since signing the Contract Agreement,
  • sixth vehicle delivery – not later than 24 months since signing the Contract Agreement,
  • gaps between deliveries of individual vehicles should be not less than 1 month and not more than 2 months,
  • it is allowed to arrange maximum 2 vehicles delivery within one delivery deadline excluding the one prescribed to the delivery first vehicle.

The assessment criteria of the bids are as follows:

  1. Pricing offer of the tender – weight 50%
  2. The electricity consumption of the vehicle on the theoretical WCR line to pass – weight 25%
  3. The floor area accessible to passengers in the vehicle – weight 15%
  4. The number of additional seats in the vehicle over the required 160 units – weight 10%

The most important technical data of the ordered vehicles detailed in description of the object of the contract are as follows:


Requirements for the vehicle

Parameters value


Guarantee period

48 months


Track width

1,435 mm


Vehicle length

60,000 mm


Catenary system

3,000V DC


Operating speed

90 km/h


Starting acceleration from 0 to 30 km/h

1.2 m/s2


Axle system

as per Contractor’s proposal


Ratio (percentage) of the driven weight

at least 66%


Maximum axial thrust on a track at maximum load

not more than 14 t


Regenerative braking



Brake characteristics



Wheel sets

  • axial
  • durability: mileage of at least 150,000 km for the re-profiling and at least 600,000 km to replace the wheels


Floor height above the rail head

400 – 500 mm in the entry zone


Vehicle capacity

500 (with the standard ratio for standing passengers at 5 persons per square metre)


Number of seats

at least 160, number of folding seats should not be in excess of 20% of the total number of seats


Number of seats for passengers in wheelchairs

4 pcs


Adaptation to the safe transport of bicycles

8 pcs


Requirements for the durability of the front rail car

according to PN-EN 12663 – P-III construction category of rail vehicles


Requirements for the collision resistance

according to TSI LOC&PAS and PN-EN 15227, C-III category


Noise level

  • according to the technical specification for permissible noise levels emitted by all kinds of railway stock – minimum 3 dB lower than permissible noise level
  • noise during stop – minimum 6 dB lower than permissible noise level


Acoustic warning system

in the extent of the applicable norm-related requirements


Other requirements for the passenger train facilities

  • high capability of the air conditioning and ventilation system
  • electronic boarding passenger information system
  • video surveillance system
  • system of external cameras protecting the vehicle at a standstill passenger counting system

Current Specification of Essential Terms of the Contract (SETC) together with all attachments is contained in "TENDERS / PRZETARGI" bookmark (only in Polish version).

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